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Brand: Intermed
CosmeticsNaturally white teeth with great taste without burning. The Actisept Whitening is a daily fluoride mouthwash with mild antiseptic action, for daily and effectively combat the microorganisms that cause bad breath, plaque and gum inflammation and enhance and protect the enamel of the teeth w..
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Brand: Intermed
CosmeticsVaginal lubrication gel to increase the likelihood of conceptionACTISPERM is vaginal gel specially designed for the effective lubrication of the vagina during sexual intercourse in a planned effort to conceive, which helps preserve the vitality of the sperm and increases the chances of ..
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Brand: Intermed
Vitamin D3 food supplementD3 Fix Drops is a vitamin D3 food supplement (cholecalciferol) as an oral solution in drops, to cover increased requirements of vitamin D3   or in the event of deficiency. In D3 Fix Drops Vitamin D3 is in a hydrosoluble form  thus ensuring excellent abso..
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Brand: Intermed
CosmeticsEar drops for the safe and efficient removal of water trapped in the ear canal and to protect against the development of pain, itching and swelling caused by long exposure to excessive moisture ear.With Alcohol 100% desiccant. Suitable for all ages - approved by the FDA.Indications..
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Brand: Intermed
Probiotics in the form of capsules.Restoration and maintenance of female intestinal and vaginal flora.Action: The probiotic EVA Βiolact Capsules, with the beneficial microorganisms (lactobacilli) it contains, restores immediately and prevents effectively the disruption of the normal flora o..
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Brand: Intermed
CosmeticsVaginal washing with lactic acid and aloe for effective cleaning of the vagina and moisturize the vaginal mucosa. Indications: • Vaginal dryness of any cause.With aloe & lactic acid, without hormones or pharmaceutical substances, pH 4,2. Fl. 147ml-disposable device. Instructions: O..
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Brand: Intermed
CosmeticsVaginal gel with lactic acid and glycogen.For the immediate and long lasting adjustment of vaginal pH.Eva lactic quickly and effectively adjust the vaginal pH to the normal level. In the form of pre-filled disposable vaginal applicator tubes immediate restores and maintains the vagi..
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Brand: Intermed
CosmeticsHyaluronic acid vaginal gel.Healing and relief of vaginal mucosa Healing factor of the vaginal mucosa in pre-filled vaginal gel applicators. Enhance and accelerate the healing of atrophic or injured vaginal mucosa, regulates the vaginal acidic pH to normal values, enhance the normal fl..
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Brand: Intermed
CosmeticsAnalgesic cryotherapy gelThe Flexel Ice gel provides immediate and effective relief of pain from the musculoskeletal system such as backache, ohmic stiffness, arthritis, rheumatic pain or pain due to injuries such as sprains, muscle contusion or even muscle fatigue (gripping of mean &am..
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Brand: Intermed
Everyday care of children's teeth Fluoramine Junior Mouthwash is a fluoride mouthwash, specially designed for children. It treats effectively and protects daily the teeth from the acids that cause tooth decay, prevents the formation of plaque and systematically strengthens tooth enamel. Indication..
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Brand: Intermed
Intermed Eva Restore Ovules 10pcs..
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