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Brand: Aboca
PhytoBisolvon Complete Natural Syrup Against Dry and Productive Cough PhytoBisolvon Complete syrup is suitable for coughs (dry & productive coughs) and especially for coughs associated with upper respiratory tract infections. PhytoBisolvon Complete contains Poliflav M.A. complex: pentaneur..
9.55€ 10.50€
Ex Tax:7.70€
Aboca - Finocarbo Plus
-17 %
Brand: Aboca
Aboca - Finocarbo Plus Helps neutralize excess gases in the intestines and improve digestion. Has a strong detoxification effect, helps in case of poisoning. Includes 20 capsules..
8.29€ 9.95€
Ex Tax:6.69€
Aboca Sollievo Advanced 45 tab
-13 %
Brand: Aboca
Aboca Sollievo Advanced 45 tab..
10.87€ 12.50€
Ex Tax:8.77€
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