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Medichrom - Bio Antipar Medichrom - Bio Antipar
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Brand: Medichrom
Antipar - Antiparasitic-Parasiticide-Detoxifying Parasites (protozoa and helminths) and microorganisms (bacteria, fungi, viruses) are constantly present in our environment and most of them are harmful for our body. They may go unnoticed for a long time in the body and when realized, have alrea..
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Specchiasol Ferzym Bio 30 caps
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Brand: Specchiasol
Specchiasol Ferzym Bio 30 caps The organically-certified symbiotic. Ferzym Bio is a Lactic Bacteria food supplement with Baobab, Inulin and Acacia Fibre, formulated specifically with ingredients from organically grown plant origin. Baobab fruit pulp also provides energy and enhances overall heal..
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