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Brand: Aboca
Aboca - Finocarbo Plus Helps neutralize excess gases in the intestines and improve digestion. Has a strong detoxification effect, helps in case of poisoning.Includes 20 capsules..
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Brand: Bifodan
Bifolac Restore Adults 30 caps High concentration of 11 probioticsSpecially designed to improve the digestive system of adults and the elderly...
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Comfolact Probiotic & Prebiotic 30 capsules
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Comfolact Probiotic & Prebiotic 30 capsules..
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Enteroclisma Enema Bag Solution FullWash 2 litr
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Brand: PIC solution
Weight lossEnteroclisma Enema Bag Solution FullWash 2 litr Medical device for enemas and vaginal irrigation.Equipped with a graduated two-litre sac, an anal tube for enemas and a vaginal tube for irrigation...
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Brand: Medtrition
Weight lossHyFiber Liquid Plant Fiber with FOS 946mlHyFiber with FOS is specifically formulated to provide the nutrients for the dietary management of constipation, hard stools and irregularity. Each bottle/packet of HyFiber provides 12 grams soluble fiber per 30 mL in a clear liquid solution. ..
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Brand: Menarini
Menarini - Kaleidon 60 Probiotic Lactobacillus Rhamnosus GG 20 capsRestores intestinal microflira Eliminates symptoms of diarrhea and constipation Improves immunity and tonus..
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Weight lossSamcos Tea 4 Beauty Red Tea 200gr..
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Vivomixx 112 Billion Probiotics 10 caps..
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