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AloeDent Triple Action Pomegranate 100ml
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Brand: Optima
AloeDent Triple Action Pomegranate 100ml..
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GUM ActiVital Toothpaste
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GUM ActiVital Toothpaste A multi-functional toothpaste to enhance the health of teeth and gums. Contains: Antacids Coenzyme Q-10 Pomegranate extract Ginger extract Bisabolol Fluorine Isomaltitol Action: The special formula of GUM Activital toothpaste prevents plaque ..
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GUM SensiiVital Toothpaste
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GUM SensiiVital Toothpaste If you experience dental pain when consuming cold, hot, acidic or sweet food beverages or when bushing or breathing cold air, you may have tooth sensitivity. GUM SensiiVital Toothpaste offers a last and long-lasting protection from tooth sensitivity thanks to the format..
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