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Brand: Medichrom
Antipar - Antiparasitic-Parasiticide-DetoxifyingParasites (protozoa and helminths) and microorganisms (bacteria, fungi, viruses) are constantly present in our environment and most of them are harmful for our body.They may go unnoticed for a long time in the body and when realized, have alrea..
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Brand: Solgar
 Easy-absorption without constipation and flatulence.O Iron is one of the major components of blood.Inhibits iron deficiency anemia and as a component of hemoglobin carries oxygen around the body.The disglykinikos iron easily absorbed, has high bioavailability, does not cause consti..
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Brand: Menarini
Menarini - Sustenium Plus with Orange Flavor 22 sachets 8 gr..
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Brand: Specchiasol
Specchiasol Ferrogreen plus 30 Liposomal Iron, Tetrahydrofolic acid & B12Indications: Pregnancy, Iron Deficiency, Fatigue, Iron Pneumonia, Hair LosExtracts from Beetroot and Spinach - natural sources of iron for even better bioavailabilityRecommended dosage: 1-2 tablets daily wit..
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