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Solgar - Cod Liver Oil, 100 Softgels
-13 %
Brand: Solgar
Natural source of vitamins A and D and omega - 3 polyunsaturated (EPA and DHA) acids derived from Norwegian cod liver oil 100 Softgels  ..
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Ex Tax:10.62€
Solgar - Super Cod Liver Oil Complex, 60 Softgels
-17 %
Brand: Solgar
Cod Liver Oil Excellent source enriched with vitamins A and D and fatty acids EPA and DHA for maximum coverage. In contrast to traditional cod liver oil food supplement Super Cod Liver Oil Complex provides high concentration of Omega 3 fatty acids and vitamins A and D. This concentration exceeds the..
11.33€ 13.60€
Ex Tax:9.14€
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