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Tendoactive 60 caps

Tendoactive 60 caps Musculo-skeletal system
Tendoactive 60 caps
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Tendoactive 60 caps

TENDOACTIVE is a dietary supplement based on type I collagen, mucopolysaccharides, vitamin C and manganese, contributes to the normal formation of connective tissue, such as tendons and ligaments.

Tendons are soft tissues made of collagen fibers, connect muscles to bones and have great elasticity. They absorb the tension and energy that the muscles exert or are exerted on them, while they have the ability to withstand intense forces and stretches. Tendons due to their position and function receive the same loads as muscles, but because they do not have the same elasticity as them they are more prone to injuries while due to their structure, they do not bleed to the same degree, which makes recovery slower. their.

The symptoms of a tendonitis, commonly referred to as an injury, vary depending on the area in which they occur. In any case, injured tendons cause pain when moving or squeezing even if the movement is often limited. This can happen to professional athletes but also to occasional sports activities, to employees who do repetitive work and generally to those who do the same aggravating movement and do not allow the tendon to rest.

Type I Collagen is the main component of the tendon, it gives it strength and flexibility. Mucopolysaccharides work to align the collagen fibers that make up the tendon. Vitamin C helps in the synthesis of collagen. Manganese contributes to the normal formation of connective tissue. TENDOACTIVE, thanks to the nutrients it contains, contributes to the normal formation of connective tissue, thus favoring the regeneration of the tendon.

For the health and rehabilitation of the tendons