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Almora Plus

Almora Plus Dietary Supplements
Almora Plus Dietary Supplements
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Almora Plus Dietary Supplements
Almora Plus Dietary Supplements
Almora Plus
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ALMORA PLUS product is special diet containing a mixture of electrolytes and dextrose. The mixtures ilektolyton; water and dextrose enischyothn enidatosi the body; and helps in restoring lost posotiton in restoring acid-base equilibrium.

Electrolytes are elements found in the body and in fluid and carry electrical load. Maintaining the balance in the human body is important since regulate the distribution of water in the body, influencing the blood pH and contribute to neuromuscular stimulation.

When the body loses body fluids and / or electrolytes dehydrated.

The fluid loss from the body can be done:
• During urination
• In case of vomiting or diarrhea
• In sweating
• After intense physical exercise (sports)
• After use of diuretics
• In excessive alcohol consumption.

The symptoms:
Dehydration symptoms in adults include:
• Dry mouth
• Dry or chapped lips
• Dry eyes
• Dry skin lacking elasticity
• Кyklous around the eyes
• Headaches
• Dizziness or fatigue
• Confusion and irritability
• Loss of appetite
• Feeling 'empty stomach' or abdominal pain
• Minimum urine
• Concentrated, intense dark urine odor.

In case of dehydration, over-consumption of water may exacerbate the problem, since it will dilute more salts, minerals and sugars in the body. Formulations containing a combination of salts and glucose help replace these components.

Symptoms of dehydration in children are:
• Dry mouth
• Crying without tears (babies)
• Drowsiness

Dehydration can be prevented by drinking plenty of water. The usual suggestion is 1-2 liters per day, ie 6-8 glasses. Apart from water suggested the skimmed milk and the diluted fruit juice. If the person is active, or the weather is particularly hot, suggested eating more quantity of liquids.

In that case we play sports person should take 1 liter of water in addition to the daily quantity for each hour of exercise. Always ensure the replenishment of lost fluids by taking proper amount of water.The dextrose solution with electrolytes for oral administration provide the necessary components for the maintenance of normal renal function, acid-base balance and plasma volume. Also prevents dehydration and enhances hydration. The administration of electrolytes helps restore the lost volumes from the body and to restore the acid-base balance and dextrose facilitates the absorption of sodium ions and water from the gut.

The mixture of electrolytes, water and dextrose administered in case of any restoration or maintenance fluids and electrolytes such as:
• Mild cases of diarrhea of ​​infants and young children
• Cases of gastrointestinal disorders accompanied by diarrhea and vomiting
• Excessive loss of fluid and electrolytes in a short time, e.g. strenuous high temperature, etc.

Its use is contraindicated in solution:
• Cases of severe diarrhea where continuous longer required parenteral fluid
• Patients with severe renal impairment (oliguria, anuria)
• Obstruction or bowel perforation
• Statements hyperkalemia of any etiology (diabetic acidosis, hemolytic crises, etc.).

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